Tuesday , 27 January 2015
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Stay Safe! | Android App


Hope you guys are fine. Today we will review our app named as “Stay Safe“.

This is an Emergency app which has a main purpose to always protect you with secret bodyguards. Now you are not alone when you are going to market, you will always have someone for you. You just have to open this application and click on the big red button and it will send a custom message to your trusted guardian list with your location.

Stay Safe

How To Use?

Here are some of the steps below of how to use this application.

stay safe how to

Step 1:

Write a custom message and Update it.

stay safe update

Step 2:

Add your trusted members in the list. So that when in case of any emergency situation they can appear up to your location and help you.

You don’t have to worry for remembering any number from the contacts, it opens a list of contacts from address book while you write.

stay safe add

Step 3:

Just click the Big Red Button from the Main Screen, following things will be sent to your guardian members at once!

  1. Custom Message.
  2. Your Current Location.

stay safe update


You can also use different themes in it. Currently we have only 2 (Yellow, Purple).



















Multiple Use of This Application:

  1. You can use it in any emergency situation for example in Market when you think you are in danger, rightaway send your location to your guardians.
  2. When you need some kind of info right away, add your friends in the list and ask them for the info and someone will send it right away!
  3. Incase you need Blood, add people with the same blood group you need and it will give your location to them and they will tell if they can donate or not.
  4. If you have gone to any trip with your buddies, let your family members know your location each time.


  1. Secure Application.
  2. Doesn’t Store any data in the server. So you have full privacy.
  3. No internet access makes it less dependable to situations, with the help of GPS it sends your location with your GSM Network.

It’s a MUST HAVE app, you will always feel secure because you have always someone with your self at all time! :-)

Get this App on your smartphone by clicking the below link!
Get it on Google Play
Stay Safe! ;-)

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